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The website dedicated to showcasing great fish specimens caught by the everyday fisherman.

Please feel free to browse through the different categories above to view our galleries of fish caught and the anglers responsible for landing them. If you would like to get yourself and and your prize catch into our gallery you can do so very easily by simply sending your picture and details to us via a message from your mobile phone. To learn more on how to do this follow our submit link on the menu bar or click here.

What is Rodbenders all about?
Rodbenders is not a competition but a gallery of great fish and real fishermen. We're not necessarily looking for the biggest fish or for the most caught in a single match, we're primarily interested in great looking specimens and giving credit to those who caught them which is where you come in!
Vote Button Under each image featured in the rodbenders gallery is a button which allows you to vote for specimens you think deserve particluar attention.
Images that receive the most votes will appear on the "Most Popular Catches" board giving the angler who caugth them pride of place in our gallery.

So please feel free to spend some time looking around at what other anglers are landing and remember, next time you net yourself a "Rod Bender" be sure to share it with all of us.
Most Poplular Catches
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