Alexander J. Disney
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This is a project that i created for myself, I specifically looked at the health and fitness industry as it fell within the service sector, and the requirements from the brand would be different, as the user experience lies with customer service and not with the quality of a product.

I also chose for it to be a self sustainable health and fitness suite so that it had a unique selling point. A good point to start brain storming from.

The device again has pantone colours which are consistent across the brands environment and the length of the text under the device counter weights the orange in the word 'Life'.
There would be an added cost in stationary production as a cutting form would be required to make the business cards.

After researching several gyms and health establishments, I found that the most important forms of all were, induction forms, health forms and forms that find out what the customer wants to do.

I have designed all of these forms ensuring that I have been consistent with fonts, colours and layout, so it is all suited to the brand.
These forms can be referenced to gain information to apply to marketing strategies.

Within the brands environment, I designed a pedometer which could also work as a speedometre, as well as a bike seat cover to encourage cycling to the gym and getting out and keeping fit.

Other items include differing levels of membership cards and a name badge, an umbrella to encourage walking to the gym and T-shirts that could be sold or offered as rewards.