Alexander J. Disney
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This project answered a brief from the Fresh awards, after submitting this work I was invited to the final, where I had to present my ideas to industry professionals and compete against other candidates.

This project was one of my favourites, as it was a design for something interesting with a lot of potential, very few limitations and an imaginary budget.

The restrictions for this product, I thought were in fact its benefits. It was organic, targeted at a more specific market across up market deli's and farmers markets.
The device is very head strong, which suits the target market, and could be interpreted as two goats head butting each other, or a goat standing head on to the viewer.

Throughout this project I tried to look at all the different elements I could place the brand onto, In the end I had lots of things from the usual bits of stationary, to cheese picks and hamper tins.

I underwent a lot of research to see what existing products were doing with their brands environment, and what wasn’t being done, or what could be done specifically for the food and cheese market.
I created two types of packaging, one for the cheese, and another for transportation, which stores the cheese in its packaging, and can be used to display the products on a shelf or deli counter.

There is potential for so much more, in the way of a website, recipe cards and event PR events and their marketing.