Alexander J. Disney
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Fenchurch came to my university asking for help, they seemed to be struggling with the direction for the brand, they were concerned that they may go down the same path as their competitors and get lost in the market.

When they gave there presentation, there were several things they said which were obvious red flags, among other issues they said they wanted to remain niche and yet be able to sell to everyone.

They had mentioned they were interested in foreign markets, especially in Russia and Eastern Europe, where one of their investors has experience of working.
I decided that foreign markets would be a good area for them to boost sales, yet remain niche, so I developed my idea for the web as its was a relatively cheap way of communicating with the market,

My concept was for Fenchurch to launch their own custom clothing range, It would be used in store and one the web. The user would be able to place illustrations, logos, pictures and colours to a garment of their choice.

The user interface would be 3D and allow the user to view the item from all angles.
There are already the facilities to quickly print individual designs and ship them out to customers world wide.

For the advertising campaign I came up with the idea of having models appear naked behind a canvas, for this shoot I decided to produce posters to be placed in airports, taxis and the web.

I sourced the photographer from university for free and used a friend of his to model, the female model was looking to boost her portfolio and offered to pose in exchange for some prints.