Alexander J. Disney
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Captiv8 Website Shot    Captiv8 Website Shot
This is a brand I created for a client when I was at university. He approached me with little knowledge of what he wanted and after talking with him on the phone I went to check the availability of his preferred names on domain hosting websites to see if they were available.

None of these names were free and in the following meeting we discussed the name among other issues such as his needs and any limitations including the budget.

I created the text myself from shapes, including the "8" device, the slogan appears in Century Gothic. The colours are all pantone referenced.
Whilst working on this project, I kept in regular contact with the client, and set up meetings when necessary to over see the progress of work, making sure we were both on the same page the whole way through.

I was also asked to design a website, for this I found and sub contracted someone who knew web design.

I designed all the pages, made sure that they were consistant with the brand and were easily navigated, I also created all the files and images for the web, so that the web designer could then build the site.
I worked closely with the web designer to make sure that the final outcome was what the client wanted, what I wanted and something the web designer was happy with.

These page are currently lacking content due to the early stages of the business. I have managed to keep a good relationship with the client and am confident he will return to me for further work when he desires it.