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How can I work for you? If you are interested in hiring me for my design services or think that I would make a great asset to your team, check out my CV and then contact me through this website. I will approach your project professionally, with great enthusiasm and would love to hear from you.

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If you want to see the outcomes to how I have tackled some of my projects, then have a look through my portfolio, each page will display some information on how I went about each project, to give you an idea of how I work, and perhaps more importantly, how I can work for you?

Bear Graduation (02-07-08)
On the 11th July I will be graduating in Swansea. Unfortunately this means I will not be at new designers that day but my work will still be on display so feel free to come and check it out anyway and drop me a line as to what you think.
New Designers New Designers Beckons (02-07-08)
I'm off to London on the 7th to take part in new designers as part of my university stand. Look out for design for advertising at Swansea Met if you want to come and have a chat. Look forward to seeing you there!
Bear Alex receives results (01-07-08)
Good news! My results have arrived and I surpassed what I expected.
Bear Website launch (01-07-08)
Website goes on-line for the first time with self branded design.